Fairfield County CT Cedar Roofing Contractor

Making the decision to replace your home’s roof involves selecting a durable and high-quality product, as well as selecting a color that will complement the exterior of one’s home.

Purchasing a new roof and the related installation service is truly an investment in the future of your home, both in terms of protecting the interior, but also in terms of aesthetics, especially when it comes to the resale value of your home. We don’t often think of it but our homes are our most significant investment. Taking steps to improve and upkeep your home often come with an ROI few if any other investments can match.

Listed below we’ve listed some guidelines you should consider when going through the roof selection process.

1. Verify Association Rules —

If your home is part of an association, it’s important to follow any and all guidelines they may have for roof color and style. If your home is independent of any such restrictions, it’s still important to consider if you want your home to stand out from other homes in the area, or if you prefer continuity and want to keep the roof color of your home similar to those nearby.

2. Selling Soon or Staying put? —

If you plan on selling your Fairfield County home in the future, it’s a good idea to consider whether it would be preferable to stick with a neutral color so as not to scare off buyers, though we recognize there is value in distinguishing your home from similar homes in your area as well. We see homeowners doing this often by using more striking colors that may help in the selling process. As they grab attention and are undoubtedly more attractive to certain buyers.

[Some of our customer’s come to us to shop all of the GAF roofing options only to come to realize they actually want a different roofing material all to get, and that’s fine! We are reconsigned as Fairfield’s Slate Roofing Experts, we also are home to a cedar roofing division and clay roofing team as well! As with all of our roofing services, our teams are second to none and ready to impress Fairfield’s most discerning homeowners.]

You may also want to talk to a realtor to determine what buyers are looking for. If you plan on remaining in your home, you have more leeway as to whether you want a bold roofline or prefer to blend in with the neighborhood.

3. Consider House Color and Style —

Of course, one of the main factors when selecting a new roof is to consider how a home’s current colors, including the exterior wall, door, trim color, and garage door color will look when paired with a new roof color.

The style of your home is also a top consideration, whether it is modern, traditional, colonial, etc. The exterior wall material is important as it helps solidify a home’s overall design. We recoe3mdn keeping everything inline. It looks best.

4. Research Your Roofing Options —

Sometimes finding the right roof color is as easy as touring various neighborhoods with homes similar to yours. There are also online tools that will allow you to upload a photo of your home to see how it looks when paired with various roof colors.

Lastly, once you’ve narrowed down your options to a few colors, be sure to ask for samples and consider how each one complements each aspect of your home including the walls, garage door, trim, etc.


If you would like help in selecting the perfect roof color for your home, call on us! We have years of experience and truly enjoy the process. Never hesitate to call me, directly my contact information will put us on the phone quickly and together we can talk about your home’s top-down defenses and style! I can also show you some nice pro-tips we use in helping out customers select a roof color and style that will perfectly highlight their home’s exterior.