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6 Tips on How To Choose the Best Roofers in Fairfield County CT

Roofers in Fairfield County CT

6 Tips on How To Choose the Best Roofers in Fairfield CT

B&W Group Greenwich CT Cedar RooferMost people replace their roofs once in a lifetime. When it comes to replacing your roof in Fairfield County CT, you’ll no doubt want the best roofing contractor. Replacing your roof is a big investment, and you have to make sure you choose the best roofers in Fairfield, Here are tips to help you choose the right roofing contractor.

1. Training and certification

One of the things you should consider when looking for a contractor is training and certification. A contractor with certification will give you the confidence you need to invest in a new roof. We hold a GAF factory certification to ensure your roofing installation is done well.

2. Track record

You wouldn’t pick a contractor who does not have a track record of providing quality work. If you are like most owners, you probably consider the price when choosing a contractor. One thing you should keep in mind is that you will only get what you pay for. The last thing you would want is to hire a contractor who will disappear overnight. To avoid that, look for a company with a solid reputation. We’ve been installing roofs for 40 years. Over the years, we have built trust with homeowners and set the standards in roofing installation.

3. Check licensing and insurance

Roofing can be dangerous and that is why you should not do the job yourself. You need the right tools and safety equipment to get the job done. Hiring a reputable roofing contractor is crucial since they have the required permits and licenses to perform the job. A high-quality contractor also has insurance for his workers. You should not work with a roofing contractor who doesn’t provide insurance for his workers.

4. Have the details in writing

Every aspect of the roofing installation should be in writing. You should never give funds to the contractor until they have completed the work. Some job details are how long it will take and how much it will cost to do the roofing.

5. Check Better Business Bureau (BBB) ratings

It’s important to look for the contractor’s website on BBB. Check their score to determine whether to hire them or not. BBB requires contractors to have satisfactory ratings to retain their certification. At roofing Fairfield, we have a BBB rating of A+. So you can rest assured you are working with the best in the industry.

6. Check reviews

Reputation is everything for most businesses. Nowadays, 81 percent of consumers check online reviews before making a purchasing decision. You can check what the contractor’s previous customers are saying about their past work. You can even ask the roofing contractor to give you a list of their previous customers who you can call.

Are you looking for a new roof for your house? Let the experts handle the work. To get your roof installed today, contact us.

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Top-Ten Advantages of a Solar Roof?

solar roofing Fairfield ct

Top-Ten Advantages of a Solar Roof?

With the ever-increasing electricity costs, it is always a smart idea to generate energy from your home. Solar-powered homes are becoming popular as homeowners realize the advantages of solar roofs. Unfortunately, the bulky look of installed solar panels on their rooftops is unappealing to most homeowners. Everyone wants integrated solar roofs due to their many benefits over rack-mounted systems.

B & W Group is proud to bring Fairfield County The Next Generation of Solar Roofing.

The GAF solar roofing systems we install are affordable, fully integrated, and good-looking. If you are looking to add solar panels to the roof of your Fairfield County home or business, you’ve come to the right place. OK, now let’s talk solar! B&W Roofing – Solar is a GAF Solar Elite Contractor®, experts in both the installation of solar panel systems and the protection of your roof’s integrity.

Below are the top 10 reasons why you should consider a modern solar roof system:

  1. New Solar Roofs are — Aesthetically Pleasing

Integrated panels have a cohesive design and streamlined appearance since they match the roof system and follow the roofline. You won’t see metal bars, racks, or bolts which makes the system more visually appealing.

  1. Modern Solar Roof boasts Top-Safety

Solar roofs are extremely secure since they don’t have gaps underneath where wind can flow. Therefore, the system ensures the safety of your building through wind resistance.  

  1. Solar Roofs now come with a Convenient Installation

The installation of the solar panels and your roof happens at the same time by the same company. Therefore, the operation is efficient without having to hire different contractors for each system. There is also less chance of leaks or gaps since the two systems’ designs allow them to fit together perfectly. 

  1. Solar Roofing now comes with the Assurance of a Long lifespan

Integrated solar roofs have installed flashing systems to prevent water penetration, thus provide better moisture protection. Since the roof is the foundation of any solar system, you have an assurance of the entire system’s extended life.

  1. GAF Solar Roofs offer Better Protection

The racking in traditional systems requires bolts to fit the solar panels to the roof. Failure to seal the penetrations properly leads to leaks. On the other hand, integrated roofing reduces the risk of damaging or causing leaks on the roof.

  1. Solar Roofs Reduced Maintenance Requirements

Integrated solar roofs do not require disassembly in case there is a need for repair or maintenance. Besides, they have no spaces where debris can accumulate, thus guaranteeing you many years of a great look.

  1. Faster and Cheaper Installation

The design of integrated solar roofs allows for quick fitting. The integration of the solar panels as a roof covering reduces the costs and the time needed for installation.

  1. Ideal for Refurbishment Projects

If you have a refurbishment project, integrated solar roofs emerge as the most suitable since they don’t require altering the roof structure underneath. They are convenient and quick to add to the existing roof structure.

  1. Increased Home Value

You already know that solar panel system increases the home value since homeowners are aware of its energy efficiency. But having an integrated solar roof makes the home even more valuable due to the low profile that visual appeal compared to the traditional solar system.

  1. Better Pest Protection

Solar racking systems provide a room where pests can crawl, hide or even build nests. Fortunately, solar roofs have a lower profile, thus prevents pest infestation.

It is time to incorporate all the above benefits of integrated solar roofs into your home. At B & W Group, we are the only GAF certified solar roofing company in Fairfield, thus guaranteeing top-notch services. Contact us today for cost-effective, integrated, and esthetic solar roofing services. 

Finally, you can put solar panels on your home and maintain your curb appeal. GAF’s DecoTech® Solar Roofing looks and functions the way we wish solar roofing always had. 

No more rack-mounted solar roofing panels that compromise the integrity of roofs they sit on. 

B & W is proud to bring Fairfield homeowners the ultra-sleek, high-performing, integrated system created by GAF, DecoTech® Solar Roofing.

  • Low Profile Design
  • High-Quality Panels
  • Unmatched Energy Savings
  • Integrated Operational Technology
  • An Industry Leading Solar Roofing Warranty
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Synthetic vs. Natural Cedar Shake – Which One is Right For Your Home?

synthetic roofing material

Natural Cedar vs. Synthetic Shake Roofs

Are you thinking about installing a new roof? If you love the idea of a natural cedar shake roof, you’ll also be impressed with its exceptional durability and value. A cedar shake roof is one of the premier options available on the market today.

Cedar Shake Roofing: Beautiful and Durable

One reason why homeowners originally selected natural cedar shake as a roofing material was its impressive curb appeal. Today, although there have been advancements in synthetic materials, the rich natural beauty of natural cedar remains unparalleled in today’s roofing market.

Over the years, cedar shake was also selected as a roofing material for its exceptional durability.

Homeowners who keep their natural cedar shake roof well-maintained can expect it to last 50 years or more. Synthetic cedar shake roofing may offer a similar warranty of up to 50 years as well.

However, natural cedar shake also provides some other impressive features, including:

  • Sound suppression.
  • Retaining heat in the winter.
  • Reflecting heat during the summer.

This means that once installed, a natural cedar shake roof can help homeowners save money on both their heating and cooling costs for decades to come.

The sound deadening qualities of a cedar shake roof also offer homeowners a quieter atmosphere within the home, with less noise emanating from outside noises such as street traffic and adverse weather conditions.

Cedar Roofing Customization

While synthetic cedar shake roofing materials can be customized in terms of color, shape, and texture, natural cedar shake roofing materials also offer thickness and finishes options.

While synthetic cedar shake roofing materials can be customized in terms of color, shape, and texture, natural cedar shake roofing materials also offer thickness and finishes options.

  • Tapersawn Shingles — Homeowners who prefer a more stately and massive roofline appearance may prefer the thicker size of a tapersawn cedar roof shingle. 
  • Sanded Shingles— For a more refined appearance, sanded cedar roof shingles are a good choice. The shingles’ sanded sides offer a smoother, more modern look that works beautifully with today’s home styles.
  • Sawn Shingles — Sawn cedar roof shingles offer homeowners a slightly more tailored appearance than traditional cedar shakes. 

While shingles such as these are sawn from solid wood blocks, there are other cedar roofing options as well. Cedar shakes are also available in a flat grain style and edge grain style.  


Cedar roofs offer long-lasting natural beauty and are available in a multitude of styles to suit every homeowner. If you’d like to know more about cedar roofing materials for your next home remodeling project, please contact us!

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3 Reasons to Choose a Cedar Shakes & Shingles Roof for your Fairfield CT Home

Advantages of Cedar Roof Shakes and Shingles

roofing company fairfield ctA roof speaks volumes about your personal style, taste and preference. It’s one of the first things that people see when they look at your property.

Therefore, as a homeowner investing in a quality roof will not only provide you with maximum protection from harsh weather elements but also add value to your home. That said, opting for a cedar shake roof will transform your home into an architectural masterpiece that will leave many in awe.

What is Cedar Shakes Roof and siding?

Arguably one of the best roofing options out there, cedar shakes is an environmentally friendly roof design made of 100% natural wood. It has a rugged appearance that gives your home a classic modern look. While this type of roof doesn’t come cheap, its final look is worth every penny.


Let’s look at several reasons why you should opt for this type of roof:

Durability: Installing a roof is a costly affair. As a homeowner, you need to go for a roof that will serve you for many years to come. Since the weather in Fairfield can be quite harsh at times, choosing a cedar shakes roof will ensure you are protected for a long, long time.

Elegant look:  When done by an expert, the finished look of cedar shakes will blow your mind away. It has a timeless look and won’t change color due to wear and tear. Cedar shakes have a charming appearance that will make your home stand out.

A Cedar Shake Roofing will Increase the value of your home – As a property owner, your home is a prized asset that should never lose value. Having a cedar shakes roof will preserve your home’s value in case you may want to sell it in the future.

Whether you are looking to renovate your old roof or install one on a new home, cedar shake is a great option. That said, you need to use a professional to achieve a perfect look on your cedar shakes roof.

At B & W Group, we have over 40 years of experience in providing Fairfield County residents with expert roofing solutions. 

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction when it comes to cedar shakes roofing and sliding. Contact us today for a quote, and let us install for you a cedar shakes roofing masterpiece.

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The Ultimate Look in Luxury Roofing: Cedar Shakes

cedar roofing riverside ct

Cedar Shake Roofing Fairfield CT

Your home’s roof needs to perform through all four seasons and look good doing it.

A cedar shake roof is a timeless, charming roofing option that many discerning homeowners choose. Its functionality and look far surpass that of roofs made of synthetic shingles and other man-made materials.

What is a cedar shake roof?

Simply put, a cedar shake roof is a distinctive type of roofing that is made from split cedar logs. Cedar shakes can vary in thickness and length. There are two main types of cedar shakes, each providing a distinctive look:

  • Hand split and resawn shakes are sawn on both sides and give the roof a uniform look with clean lines.

Split and then resawn shakes are split along the natural grain of the wood and are only sawn along the backside, resulting in a shake with a highly textured look.

Whichever type of cedar shake you choose for your roof, the curb appeal of your home will increase…as will the envy of your neighbors!

What are the advantages of a cedar shake roof?

Cedar shake roofs offer many advantages to the discerning homeowner, including: 

  • Cedar Roofing offers industry topping – Beauty and Curb Appeal

A cedar shake roof is an ultimate look in luxury roofing. It has natural, warm hues. Its visually stunning appeal will increase the resale value and desirability of your home.

  • Cedar Roofing provides fantastic – Insulation

Cedar is naturally insulating. A cedar shake roof will provide increased insulation efficiency, resulting in lower heating and air conditioning bills.

  • Cedar Roofing offers unmatched – Durability

Cedar shakes are very durable and work well in severe weather, including high winds, hurricanes, driving rains, snowstorms and temperature extremes. They last longer than roofs made of synthetic shingles.

  • Cedar Roofing is Naturally Resistant to Insects

The aroma of cedar naturally repels certain insects and pests.

  • Cedar Roofing is – Organic

Cedar shakes are a great choice if you are a homeowner looking to go green, and a much better ecological choice than metal, asphalt or concrete. The cedar wood is biodegradable and a renewable source.

  • Cedar roofing ages with Grace + Style

Cedar roofs age gracefully and beautifully. Their natural tones resolve into beautiful grayish or brown tones over time, depending on the type of cedar you choose.

Although cedar roofs are more expensive than roofs made of synthetic materials, the advantages of a cedar roof far outweigh the disadvantages for many knowledgeable homeowners. Whether you are building a new home or renovating an older one, cedar shake roofing provides a stunning option.

Cedar siding provides many of the same advantages as cedar shake roofing. It is beautiful, natural, durable and provides excellent insulation and soundproofing for your home.

The B&W Group can provide dedicated craftsmen who have the expertise to install a beautiful cedar shake roof or cedar siding that you will be proud of for years to come.  Contact us.

Look to our roofing company for comprehensive roof repair and roofing installation with a specialization in Cedar Roofing, Slate Roofing, Clay Roofing, GAF Asphalt, and Solar Roofing.

We are proud to be recognized as a GAF Roofing Master Elite Certified Roofing Contractor. Our roofing company is well equipped to serve our friends and neighbors throughout Westchester & Fairfield County with dependable, affordable roofing services.

Cedar siding provides many of the same advantages as cedar shake roofing. It is beautiful, natural, durable and provides excellent insulation and soundproofing for your home.

The B&W Group can provide dedicated craftsmen who have the expertise to install a beautiful cedar shake roof or cedar siding that you will be proud of for years to come.  Contact us.

Look to our roofing company for comprehensive roof repair and roofing installation with a specialization in Cedar Roofing, Slate Roofing, Clay Roofing, GAF Asphalt, and Solar Roofing.